6 Creative Ideas For Incorporating A Photo Booth Into Your Wedding Reception

Creative ideas for incorporating a photo booth into your wedding reception:

  • Buy cheap eraser board and glue a frame around it, ask guests to write message of congrats to hold in the pics or use a chalk board (although you may want to consider the messiness of chalk).
  • Have slips of paper with movie titles or song titles to give guests ideas for things to mime for the photograph – hand out an award for most creative.
  • Other ideas to give to guests to get them performing for the camera? Questions about the couple…for example:
    1.  What will the expression on the newly-married couple’s face be in the morning?
    2.  How did the groom look when he first saw the bride?
    3.  What will their relationship look like in a decade? Thirty years?
    4.  What is your favorite thing about the groom/bride?
    5.  What is the bride’s (or groom’s) favorite movie?
    6. What do the couple love to do together?


  • Work your theme into the photo booth with props and colors. We provide lots of fun props, but you may want to customize. Here are some examples.
  • Organize group pics — the informal pictures of your guests have a wonderful time will be as valuable as your formal wedding pictures.
  • Here at Premier, we provide you with a photo booth attendant – which means the experience will be problem-free and won’t require you to worry about it.

A photo booth gives your guests the opportunity to make their own memories of your wedding day. Although almost everyone has a smartphone these days, there is no substitute for an attendant standing ready to help make fantastic pictures. Engage your guests and let them show their joy in printable pictures.


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